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Kendra was the kind of girl that got spoiled. She was always flirting and turning guys down after building up their hopes. Her hair and nails were always done and she always had nice clothes and accessories. Nobody had more flowers delivered to work than she did. She was used to always being treated like a Queen.

Then one day she came in upset. Her boyfriend had cheated on her. He was, of course, begging her to forgive him, but she wouldn’t even take his calls. Instead of being sad, she was pissed. Kendra felt disrespected and that wasn’t going to stand. I noticed her eyeballing me throughout the afternoon, but didn’t know what about. As we were all leaving for the day, she came up to me and asked if I’d fuck her and record it on her phone so she could send it to her ex. She knew he’d probably show it to people, but she didn’t care. She pointed out people made famous by their sex tapes.

So I went back to her place and got to put my dick in the pussy that all the other guys wanted. I watched her send it to the cheating ex. She never let me touch her again after that, but I’ll never forget what it was like inside of her and massaging those coveted titties. I never had to buy her a thing.

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